Yep – Top Dead Center – Drive Out Hunger – Flier Draft (Final to come)

Top Dead Center Motor Club enlisted me to help with a new design for their up coming DRIVE OUT HUNGER Event. Yep I was up to the task.  Below is the first draft. They liked it, but wanted to add their own photography. They sent of a nice photo of Cadillac. I did a little clean up on the photo and built them a new flier based around the photo.  One of the ideas I wanted to work on was a little branding for their Drive out Hunger logo. In the first round I came up with a logo that look like it was out of Car and Driver Magazine. It was OK, but needed some work. As you can see in the final draft, I did some improvements. It reads a little better and will be a good starting point if they choose to move forward with some Branding.     Yep here it is the Top Dead Center – Drive Out Hunger flier.  It was also made into a poster size for the event. Drive Out Hunger


Created By Morgan Phillips – Graphic Design, Photography and Illustration ©2011 PA 19076

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