These ideas need your comedic spin!

Get your humorist self on and spin these puppies.  If you do snag and write some comedy rags, I would love to see what you come up with… Share back please!

1. Checking your Facebook status way to much… violating terms and conditions

2. When you are single a good problem to have is too much crap in the refrigerator…

3. I love my giant size gas guzzling SUV…

4. Yeah I am qualified for this job….

5. Is there a decline in buffet style dining out in America?…

6. What I would rather be doing instead of sitting in traffic

7. My kids want iPads…

8. The best fight moves ever….

9. So scared you wet yourself…

10. Who do you blame the economy falling apart on?….

FYI – My goal is and always has been to help talented people produce what they do best. If you are going full steam ahead or in a rut please use my posts to help the cause.

By the way… How the hell can a F-16  smash into a small slow moving Ceasna?…. I smell conspiracy… Who was on the little plane? Oh and did you see that image of the F-16 engine laying in a RV in a RV park? There is all kind of material to be written about that…

Here is the link for the story.

All seriousness, my simpathies go out to the families involved no matter what….


My terms and conditions- I foster a love/hate relationship with the grammar police. I love them when they are right and let me know in a non-condescending way. And, I hate them when they are right and let me know in a non-condescending way. In any case, I will admit errors occur. I will admit a certain grammar correction blindness. Please do let me know about any whoppers, but no nitpicking please.  I am looking to encourage an all things positive environment.

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