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Mashable – Wed and design

Wayfinding – Collection of pretty cool wayfinding examples for inspiration. You will need to contact me here  to receive access

Book Cover Archive

Adobe Color CC 


The Noun Project

Fonts in Use

Grain Edit

Digital Arts Tutorials 

Flickr Creative Commons



Wonk Toolstruly awesome site for inspiration using KEY WORDS – You can also Key Word authors, titles, and  vocabulary. There is a  great Title Generator.

wonk: -noun. a person who studies a subject or issue in an excessively assiduous and thorough manner – So are you a Wonker? 🙂

 IFRudyard Kipling

21 Best selling books of all time

Write Every Day Columbia University

Novel First Sentences Nice collection of first sentences

Absolute Write

The Library of Congress:

More Intelligent LifeLots of cool topics discussed.

nanoblogging7 words or less – Stretch the creative

Character Chart for fiction writers. A quick way to get to know your character even if you know them really well. Helps you stay organized.

Digital Spy  – UK out on the beat

Digital Spy – US out on the beat – Check out the difference

Ink Tip:

1X – Ton of great photography

One Sentence – True Stories

Mental Floss

Interactive Guide to Tolkien

 Six Sentences – Fastest fiction in the west.

Stanford – Creative Writing Program

Synonym Finder – Good as gold

World’s Funniest Joke

Indiana – Creative Writing Program

Wisconsin-Madison – Creative Writing Program

Columbia U – Creative Writing Program

George Saunders Land – Genius Funny writer

Ambiguous Words – This is a really cool list – Leave, crash, order, hit, position, hang……

NPR – voted  2011 Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books – Do you agree?

Writing With Elvish Fonts

American Library Association:

New Yorker Cartoons – Updated

Story – Robert McKee

English Scholar

Drew’s Script-O-Rama:

Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases

Cliche Finder

If you have not seen this…take a look ::: List of 59 audience approved COMEDY TOPICS