More ideas needing your comedic spin!

Get your humorist self on and spin these puppies into a nice little bit. If you do snag and write some comedy rags, I would love to see what you come up with… Share back please!

1. There is a new economic class is on the rise and it has no cross over boundary. – Poor, Middle, Rich and the new one called WHINER.
2. What will the driver’s test in the future be like with self-driving cars?
3. Seems like everyone is busting deadlines these days…. Greece, Iran, ____________
4. Banging on the door of having the most consecutive wins…..
5. Angry cursing people cause trouble for the Social Security Administration
6. Learned a new phrase today… “Fat Shamming”….
7. I don’t have an off button for food….
8. I have enough money coming in to hire a full time person to _____________
9. Major technical glitches sound so exciting until it happens to you
10. You have balls when you steal a police cruiser while naked…

And today’s thoughts….

I’m still thinking conspiracy with the F16 kamikaze.

I named my presidential hopeful front runners. They are #TornadoTrump and #HaywireHillary


My terms and conditions- I foster a love/hate relationship with the grammar police. I love them when they are right and let me know in a non-condescending way. And, I hate them when they are right and let me know in a non-condescending way. In any case, I will admit errors occur. I will admit a certain grammar correction blindness. Please do let me know about any whoppers, but no nitpicking please. I am looking to encourage an all things positive environment.
I put the above in for some fun. Makes me laugh.

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