Grey Beard Customs

First Draft of the Grey Beards Customs logo and a tee-shirt design using the design.

Grey Beards Customs logo

grey beards Customs tee_shirt
Grey beards Customs tee_shirt

Some happy drawings

How about some happy drawings I drew for my kids on a dry erase board for the first post? We have a board on a wall next to the kitchen table. Every morning I write or draw something on it for our two kids. They are 2 and 4. I am never allowed to miss a day without showing them something. These drawings are from Ed Emberley’s awesome book of how to draw animals. My kids are a little young to draw them, but the see them. My oldest can draw circles and squares, however she is focused on making them in general. Using the shapes to create other shapes is a little more complicated, but she is on her way.